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Our Cosmetic Dentistry Blog

Da Vinci's Principle of Proportion

Da Vinci’s Principle of Proportion


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Hollywood Smile Evaluation

Hollywood Smile Evaluation

There Is A Reason They Call Him The Celebrity Dentist

When celebrities want A-List cosmetic & reconstructive dentistry, they call Dr. Anthony Mobasser.

In addition to being an attentive, patient professional, Dr. Anthony Mobasser is known around the world for treating royalty, captains of industry and the Hollywood celebrities that frequent his boutique Beverly Hills practice.  Patients come for the reputation Dr. Mobasser has earned over the last 25+ years.  They come back again and again because there is no better cosmetic or reconstructive dentist anywhere.  Call for an appointment, and find out why Dr. Mobasser treats every patient like a celebrity. The Number 1 Cosmetic Dentist Los Angeles

5-Star Healthgrades Rating

Dr. Mobasser Only Sees One Patient At A Time

For over 25 years “Anthony” has focused on keeping his private practice small, and personalized.  

This is a private practice, in all senses of the word.  There is no waiting.  There is no juggling of clients.  When you are with Dr. Mobasser, he is focused 1000% on designing and maintaining your dental cosmetics and beauty for the rest of your life.  Call today to enjoy the smile you deserve!

Dr. Mobasser’s Artistic Eye For Dental Beauty And Proportion

  • Discuss options you never knew were possible…
  • Experience and care of one of the worlds best…
  • Be treated like the royalty you are…
  • Enjoy the smile you deserve!

The Celebrity Dentist Is Now Open To A Very Specific Patient

Dr. Mobasser runs an exclusive office that is geared for the world’s elite.  While yes, he has vast experience working on patients of all ages, nationalities and dental conditions, it’s important that all prospective clients know that Dr. Mobasser commands high prices for his work.  Proudly, the Doctor himself would say that all of the 1000′s of clients he has treated have gotten more than they ever imagined.  Call today to enjoy the smile you deserve from the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills!

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